Plinking on my grandmother's piano.

5  Music lessons from Brother Ah.

8  Picked up the violin in Elementary School.

10  Picked up the piano, taking private lessons.

12  Joined the DC Youth Orchestra.

15  Joined my High School Orchestra.

17  Participated and won 1st place in local ACTSO competition for contemporary music performance.

18  Enrolled into Howard University with piano performance as a minor.

19  Joined college orchestra, playing the violin.

20  Began teaching private lessons, and experimenting with writing music.

21  Puchased a Mac and opened Garageband.  Began writing for TV shows, and producing songs.

25  Expanded my knowledge of various styles of music including Dramedy, Film Trailers, and Electronic Tension.

28  Learned to DJ from a course at Beat Refinery.

30  Moved to Los Angeles, and began working on Debut EP "The Music Project." as the artist, Muzeishen.

31  Created tracks for artists, moving into the area of record producing.

A love for music

My Story

I've had a love for music as early as I remember.  I wanted to pick up an instrument before I was even allowed to.  I was so excited when I got to 3rd grade because I was allowed begin learning an instrument.  Without the help of my grandparents, Eloise and Bobby, and the support of my mother and father Steve and Denise, I wouldn't be where I am today.  They helped me receive private lessons, join orchestras, and have the musical instruments necessary to practice on.

I never thought that writing or producing music was for me, but my stage fright pushed me to be a creator of music, rather than the performer.  Ironically, as I'm currently an artist in development, I'll be pushing myself right back out into the limelight.

Nonetheless, when I did decide that music writing was for me, I put everything I had into it.  I was so excited to even have that capability just by having a Mac computer and my intuition.  I've been writing music for TV and Film for most of my career, but at the time of this writing I am seeking to produce music for other aritsts, and release music as an artist myself. 

Stay tuned my friends.